Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Hope in Troubling Times

Man in suit staring at sun and sky

We’ve all been in predicaments that have caused inconvenience and stress. Perhaps you have recently lost your job, are having relationship trouble, have financial difficulties, or are just beginning your journey to recovery and feel a little anxious. These times can cause us to feel upset – even depressed if it’s been a prolonged period and we don’t feel that things are getting any better. No matter how stressful or troubling circumstances are, however, hope is the most vital component to getting through it. The effects of hope are not just based on a theory, either. Research has shown that hope has contributed to better performance, more success, and overall more happiness.

Lopez and colleagues conducted three meta-analyses and found that hopeful people share four core beliefs:

  1. The future will be better than the present.
  2. I have the power to make it so.
  3. There are many paths to my goals.
  4. None of them are free of obstacles.

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, author, researcher, speaker, and public science communicator, noted on Psychology Today that hope is more than a “feel-good” emotion – it is a dynamic cognitive motivational system. With this, emotions follow cognition, not the other way around. Hope leads people to learning goals, which makes them actively engaged and monitoring their progress. With this, people achieve their goals and understand that there are many ways to get there.

By adopting the principles of hope, you will build more psychological resiliency towards your circumstance. Tiny Buddha, a website aimed at providing information to connect, share, help, and inspire people, has provided several other things you can do to build hope:

  • Keep trying and don’t give up
  • Exercise gratitude – stay aware of what you do have and be grateful for those things
  • Challenge your inner dialogue – if you find yourself saying mean or negative statements, become aware of them and change them
  • Be nicer to yourself
  • Let ideals of how things “should be going” go
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Stay mindfully aware of how you are affecting those around you
  • Take a walk
  • Become excited about what the future has to offer
  • Remind yourself that you are still alive, and you are okay
  • Resist placing yourself in labels such as “overqualified” “underqualified” and “unemployed” – these will hinder your progress

A common phrase is that life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it. If we can change our perspective, change our ideals and become more open to whatever each day may bring, we can become happier people. Stop holding yourself back and have hope. You will get through this.

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