Your Ultimate Guide to Dual Diagnosis: Depression and Alcoholism

Counseling and therapy

If you’ve been diagnosed with a dual diagnosis, this means that you may have both a mental illness and a substance use disorder (SUD). Dual diagnoses can be challenging, especially if there are many overlapping symptoms – which is why it’s critical that you move forward with a treatment center that specializing specifically in this area. In doing this, you’re ensuring that you receive proper care and treatment for each disorder rather than one at a time, which can exacerbate your symptoms. Depression and alcoholism are a dangerous mix, but they are treatable.

When it comes to dual diagnoses, it’s difficult to say which disorder came first. For some people, substance abuse occurs as an attempt to self-medicate depression; for others, chronic alcoholism brings about symptoms of depression over time. Age, sex, family history, medical history, and more should all be considered regarding recovery – because each person’s history is different, customized treatment should be prioritized. A 2016 study published in the journal Addiction sought to explore the comorbidity of major depressive disorder (MDD), substance-induced depression (SID), anxiety disorder (AD) and substance-induced anxiety (SIA) amongst individuals with alcoholism.

A total of 287 males and 156 females participated in the study who were diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD). The researchers analyzed individuals’ propensity to drink when experience negative emotional states; results from the study showed that females were more likely to also experience MDD, SID, AD, or SIA alongside alcoholism than their counterparts. Additionally, males with alcoholism and SID were shown to exhibit stronger drinking in negative social situations than the comparing female group.

Treatment for dual diagnosis often involves detoxification, medication, nutrition therapy, psychotherapy, and more. Holistic treatment options such as 12-Step Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, music therapy and more can help you learn more about your conditions as well as yourself – restoring your mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately, you want to form a valuable support network within your treatment program, so it’s vital that you select a reputable treatment center whom you feel truly cared for and respected.

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