Your Ultimate Guide to Cutting Down on Problem Drinking Habits

Time to Quit

Oftentimes, people can avoid developing alcoholism by cutting down on their drinking ahead of time. First, it’s important to understand some signs that indicate you may be abusing alcohol:

    • Experiencing negative consequences in school, work, home, and/or social life due to alcohol consumption
    • Continuing to drink despite the negative impact alcohol is having on your life
    • Engaging in risky behavior when drinking such as driving while intoxicated, having unprotected sex, fighting often and more
  • Increasing your alcohol intake over time to achieve the same desired effect

If any of these rings true for you, this may be an early sign that you are developing alcoholism. There are several steps that you can take to try and reduce your alcohol consumption, thus lowering your risk for alcoholism and lessening the damaging effects that alcohol use can cause in other areas of your life.

    1. Begin keeping track of your drinking via a drinking tracker card that you can hold in your wallet. With this tracker card, you can mark off the days that you drank and how much you drank to identify your patterns and keep them managed.
    1. When you go out for a drink, pace yourself by sipping slowly, and eat some food while you drink. Set a goal of only drinking one alcoholic beverage per hour on nights that you drink.
    1. Attempt to fill your free time with fun activities that don’t involve alcohol. Join a sports team, begin reading a new book, learn how to play an instrument, etc. If you can fill some of the open spaces of your week with activities, you will be less apt to drink.
  1. Keep a detailed list of why alcohol has been more damaging to you than beneficial. Be specific in the ways it can caused destruction in your life so far and write down your fears for the future that you can avoid by abstaining from alcohol. Review this list often.

Of 3,000 participants in a 2018 study who reported planning to reduce their alcohol consumption, very few were found to have managed those initial goals in a six-month follow up. What this means is that most often, engaging in an abstinence-based program or reputable treatment center is an effective way to increasing your chances for success in recovery. Even the best of intentions can become derailed because of alcoholism’s high demands.

Call and get more information about participating in a treatment program today. In the meantime, practice these active steps to help you stay on track until you begin treatment. Recovery is possible.

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