Yoga isn’t a Luxury, it’s an Accessible Necessity

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Yoga isn’t a Luxury, it’s an Accessible Necessity


The origins of yoga can be traced back to India, as early as 5th century BCE. Yoga is more than a type of exercise. Yoga incorporates all parts of the body and senses. Meditation, breathing and specific body positions are the main tenets of yoga. Yoga is about control of the body and mind and calmness. The goal of yoga is moksha or freedom.


There have been many studies about the benefits of yoga. Yoga is beneficial for your physical body, but also does wonders for your emotional well-being. Yoga is helpful for treating trauma, stress responses, reduction of depression symptoms and recovery from substance abuse.


Trauma sensitive yoga is an evidenced based intervention that encourages being in tune with your body and responses. Trauma can affect all aspects of a person, causing stress reactions, depression and anxiety. Traditional yoga focuses on positions, but trauma focused yoga is concerned with how you feel on the inside. There is intense focus on your breathing, becoming aware of your body responses and is highly meditative.


Studies have shown that people in trauma focused therapy, combined with trauma focused yoga have a reduction of trauma related symptoms. These people tend to be more in tune with their mind and body. Those in trauma focused yoga also become more aware of others around them, and have been known to be more compassionate and kind compared to people not in the same type of treatment.


Yoga has been shown to have positive benefits for those suffering with depression, anxiety and substance use disorders. Yoga is focused on the mind-body connection. Consequently, practicing yoga will help you to be mindful of your responses to stress, cravings and other people. Yoga can actually reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol by teaching new coping skills and encouraging self discipline.


Yoga can increase your immunity, decrease depression symptoms and relax muscles and stress chemicals. With regular practice, you may see an increase in positive stress responses and a decrease in poor stress management. These benefits are backed with scientific research, and many clinicians are incorporating yoga into their practice.


The best part about yoga, is that it is now quite accessible. You can start a yoga class at your local gym or even during therapy. If you wanted to go about it a different way, yoga supplies can be found at many local stores and is available on DVD and streaming video. Yoga is an accessible, necessary addition to your mental health and wellness.


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