Yoga 12 Step Recovery

Yoga 12 Step Recovery

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, approximately 21 million Americans engage in yoga every day – a meditative practice with historical origins that date back to ancient Indian philosophy. Yoga has the propensity to increase bone density in older adults, boost focus and memory, lower stress levels, lower risk of heart disease, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic neck pain, improve sense of balance, and so much more, as the Huffington Post noted. There is no question regarding the benefits of yoga – but how does this fit into recovery? Yoga has found its way into recovery and has become quite a success; there are more than 800 active yoga 12 step recovery leaders and 250+ weekly meetings held worldwide.

Founder Nikki Myers states that Yoga 12 step recovery (Y12SR) provides a powerful framework for addiction recovery and relapse prevention. A 2014 research study found that yoga was effective for individuals with alcoholism, drug and nicotine addiction. Y12SR allows individuals to heal and find oneness with themselves and the world; it is said to help “connect the dots” between trauma, recovery, and self-acceptance. This form of treatment has helped so many people worldwide. The concept of the program is that our energy, whether it be of happiness, anger, shame, hope, or something else, is movement. Expressing or not expressing our emotions all connects to movement, and yoga helps us find and release these emotions through movement. How does it all work?

Kacy Zurkus, certified yoga instructor and Y12SR instructor who trained with Nikki Myers, states that any addiction is welcome with Y12SR. Each meeting begins with a sharing circle where each person has the option to tell the group whatever they’d like and listen to others. After sharing, the group then gets together for yoga and meditation. Zurkus stated for The Andover Townsman Online that yoga poses are not very challenging, and each pose is intentional. The poses are to help each person strengthen their heart, body, soul, and mind – all aspects of which can assist a person with a strong and healthy recovery.

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