Worries That People With Anxiety Face on a Daily Basis

Worries That People With Anxiety Face on a Daily Basis

People with anxiety tend to have something to worry about every day. It is hard for them to function with their everyday life when they experience tension every time they cannot turn off the troubling thoughts in their head. If you experience these common types of thoughts on a daily basis, it is best to speak to a mental health professional on how to cope with them.

One common worry people with anxiety face is making a mistake or not being perfect. We have the expectation that we have to do everything well and that the small mistakes we make our failures such as putting too much water in the pot when boiling water. These are just mistakes that you can shrug off and learn not to do again. But, people with anxiety will take mistakes like these personally. The more we mess up can lead to us over-preparing, over-analyzing, and procrastinating. Another common worry is being constantly worried about your health such as breathing, vital functions, temperature, heart rate, and balance. People with anxiety notice these shifts in physical sensations, especially if they are new to us. For example, if we get warm, we sweat. If we get stressed, our heartbeat starts to rise. If we are confused about these bodily reactions, we get scared.

A third common worry is if you have a specific fear. For example, if you cannot handle crowds, that can cause you to want to avoid them in fear of saying something wrong or having too much of the attention on you. You spend too much time thinking about the worst case scenario instead of expecting something good to happen. Avoiding certain situations on a daily basis is a sure sign of your anxiety.

A fourth common worry is of the safety of your family. You may be seeing them all the time, but still feel anxiety whenever they leave the house worrying that they will not come back. Worrying about your family when there is nothing to worry about is cause for anxiety. A fifth common worry is being worried about how others think about you. You could be feeling self-conscious when you have conversations with others or regret what you have said. To avoid having these worries take over your life, speak to a therapist about how to change your thought patterns, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to better keep calm and relax.

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