Will my Family be Able to Recover From a Loved One’s Addiction?

woman sharing during group meeting

Addiction within the family can be painful. If your family has been struggling with addiction and your loved one has made the decision to participate in treatment, you can now begin the process of working with your loved one to make amends and bring the family back together. Addiction breaks up the dynamic of a family, adding instability and creating a toxic environment. Treatment is not meant just for those with addiction – it’s for families, too.

Family therapy is certainly an option you will want to partake in, as it is open to parents, stepparents, in-laws, siblings, honorary family members, foster parents and children, godparents and godchildren, blended and extended family members, and more. It is most often introduced once a loved one has shown progress in a recovery treatment program, and will help family members to move forward from the following, as stated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):

  • Distrust to reconciliation
  • Guilt to forgiveness
  • Stress to strength
  • Frustration to understanding
  • Despair to hope
  • Sadness to support
  • Anger to peace
  • Conflict to agreement
  • Crisis to resolution

Family therapy is more than just learning about addiction and how it impacts people – it focuses on the direct problems that your family has experienced and helps you have a voice, express your concerns, and grow from the pain you’ve all been a part of because of addiction.

Recovery is possible for families that work hard. This can be done by connecting with other families/peers who have gone through the same thing, attending family group sessions, preparing meals and eating them as a family, managing expectations, engaging in joyful activities, getting regular exercise and sleep, scheduling private therapy sessions, and advocating for understanding. While your loved one is in treatment, it’s important for you to take care of yourself and engage in personal therapy, too – after all, you need time to process and recollect yourself as well.

Make the decision to participate in family therapy. It could provide not only understanding but could help you get closer to your loved ones in this time of growth and transformation. Recovery for your family is possible. Don’t give up.

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