Why Self-Encouragement is Critical to Success in Recovery

man on stairs pulling success

It’s true that having a support system is incredibly important to recovery – having people whom you can rely on in times of celebration and in times of need are key factors to feeling loved and supported. However, just as the saying goes with relationships, it’s important to love and support yourself, too. We can have all of the supporters in the world but if we can’t encourage ourselves or believe on our own that we can do something, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that lets us down.

There are several ways that you can encourage yourself in recovery:

Remind yourself of why you’re here. (Past)

One of the best ways that we can motivate ourselves is to remember what happened in the past that led us here. If we can remember the bad parts of our past, we can remind ourselves that we don’t want that again. For example, if you’ve struggled with addiction in the past, you may briefly want to recall that you don’t want to experience losing your children again, struggling with money again, or losing your self-identity again.

Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. (Present)

Dwelling too much in the past can lead to depressive thinking, and we have to acknowledge how far we’ve come. If you’re reading this, you’re likely at a point where you’re either in recovery or ready to begin. This took a lot of steps, and this should be recognized. Remind yourself that the steps you’ve been taking lately are steps towards bettering your life.

Remind yourself of goals that you have for the future. (Future)

Once we’ve acknowledged the pain of the past and felt accomplished by what we’ve done so far towards leading a happier, healthier life, we can begin action planning for the future. Consider some goals that you want to accomplish towards your recovery and plan out steps you can take. This may be something that you do in therapy, if you haven’t already.

Bustle Magazine states that while self-love can mean a lot of things, it’s all about building your self-esteem and your self-image. Consider this a beautiful foundation of your recovery to which you can rely on. In times of need, you can pull on the strength that you’ve garnered to get you through it, while also leaning on people who support you. You are capable of succeeding in recovery. Believe in yourself.

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