Why is the Relapse Rate so High?


There are a lot of people in the world who don’t understand the complexity of addiction.  Rehabilitation does not cure addiction; it simply treats it.  Once you’ve physically detoxed off a substance and you’re starting to feel good, it can be quite difficult to remember the depths in which your addiction took you.  Your brain likes to remember positive memories, therefore, once you’ve procured some sobriety, you may see parts of your past in a positive light.  

One of the main requirements of getting and staying clean is being fully committed.  Sobriety is not something that can be done with little effort or care.  Addiction was hard work and sobriety can be even harder.  To achieve long-term sobriety, you must be all in or all out; there is no in between.  Many people get clean and sober for somebody else, which rarely works.  When you’re not doing it for yourself, your heart isn’t in it, which can result in relapse.  There are lots of people that get clean for their kids, their spouse, or their job.  It’s wonderful they want to impress those around them, but they need to do it primarily because they don’t want to suffer anymore.  You have to want it for it to work.

When starting a new life of sobriety, it’s important not to have any expectations.  You may be trying to grasp an understanding of what’s expected or what you think needs to happen.  Beginning on your journey of recovery, you must have an open mind.  If you go in expecting you’re going to do this, or someone else is going to do that, it can lead to an abundance of consternation.  Expectations lead to disappointments, which turn into resentments.  Resentment is the number one sobriety killer.  It is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.  Keeping an open mind and forgiving those who have trespassed you can lead to quality sobriety.

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