Why is Routine Important in Recovery?

Routine sign

Routine is incredibly important when it comes to our happiness and success in recovery because addiction can throw everything out of order. If you’re looking to overcome your addiction through a reputable treatment center, you can be prepared for a structured environment. Humans are creatures of habit, as even our heartbeat runs on a synchronized time schedule. Reinforcing habit and routine into your daily life is one of the most foundational steps towards creating a life that is conducive to recovery.

If you’re in a residential treatment program, you can expect to wake up at about the same time, every day. You may engage in a regular preparation routine, both with hygiene and work-related patterns. Each day, you may be scheduled to attend a group or individual activity; the right treatment center will have a variety of activities to choose from, such as music therapy, art therapy, meditation, drama therapy, yoga, weekly discussions, and more. These activities are designed to get you moving and actively thinking throughout the day.

Meal times will be held at certain times, to ensure you optimize your nutrition. Chores may be assigned, to help you take responsibility over the living space that you occupy. Assigned sleeping times may occur as well to help you get back to a normal sleeping pattern; many people who have struggled with addiction have odd sleeping hours since drugs and alcohol can alter the body’s way of functioning. The goal is to help you establish structure and routine so that when you return home, you can continue implementing these practices.

A study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that participants who attended a recovery treatment center for long-term substance abuse were motivated most by social and community support, a structured program, and recognized losses that could occur because of continued use to be conducive to their long-term success. The goal of treatment is to set all of these into place; to help you establish a support system and find a community in which you feel you can belong to, to give you that structure while you find your footing, and to educate you on addiction while you discover the ways it has harmed you and your loved one’s lives.

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