Why Decrease in Psychiatrists Treating Addiction Has Massive Impact for People Seeking Treatment

Why Decrease in Psychiatrists Treating Addiction Has Massive Impact for People Seeking Treatment

Jobs in healthcare are experiencing massive growth right now. More than any other occupation, people in all levels of care need more support for their health. This is especially true for people struggling with addiction. People who seek treatment in the current healthcare system may find a decrease in psychiatrists due to the massive impact of the opioid epidemic and increased demand for services.

Reasons for Shortage

A critical psychiatrist shortage is caused by many factors. There is increased need due to demand for services skyrocketing for people with addictions. Psychiatric services is the fastest-growing physician speciality at the moment. Family medicine physicians increased less than 15 percent while psychiatrists saw a jump of nearly 56 percent in job postings. Demand is also high for psychiatrist nurses and nurse practitioners, often on the frontlines of the services provided to people with addiction. Insurers are no longer denying coverage to people with a diagnosed mental illness under the current Affordable Care Act. Access to quality mental healthcare is increasing for millions of Americans but the downside is fewer medical students are opting to specialize in psychiatry. Lower pay is one reason but prestige may be another reason as the debt burden for medical school grows and students seek jobs that compensate them enough to cover bills.

Consequences of the Shortage

With open discussions on mental health growing and stigma surrounding mental health treatment falling to the wayside, many people who don’t need medication can receive behavioral health services from psychologists, therapists, and social workers. Psychiatrists are a vital part of recovery for people facing addiction and mental illness but psychiatrists face a conundrum with insurance plans. Typically reimbursement rates are too low and it may make more sense to work with patients out of pocket on a sliding scale, which leaves many people underserved. Public health is key to keeping populations of people mentally well since many populations may not receive services for miles around where they live. Telemedicine does not always treat people who need psychiatric services, especially for those with mental illness, addiction, and substance abuse issues.

Serving Those in Need

Mental health is as important as spiritual and physical health. Focusing on a a holistic approach is key to supporting people with mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. Psychiatrists play a key role in supporting these people through detox to recovery. A residential detox facility like Serenity Recovery Detox provides services from board certified psychiatrists who aim to treat addiction, with a focus on co-occurring psychiatric disorders, dual-diagnosis and whatever other needs arise. The goal is to provide the right quality of care for people in a time of need.

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