Why Are Life Skills Important to Learn?

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While life skills may seem common to many people, often they are not appropriately learned by individuals who have experienced traumatic life events such as homelessness, abuse, neglect, poverty, addiction, and more. If we are not shown the proper skills needed for a happy, healthy life throughout childhood and adolescence, we may not develop these skills as an adult. Learning life skills is necessary to optimize your health and wellbeing. The U.S. National Library of Medicine has noted the following as life skills:

  • Communication and talking
  • Financial awareness and money management
  • Domestic tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, doing the laundry and running a household
  • Personal self-care such as washing, bathing, cleaning teeth, shaving, combing hair, and getting dressed
  • Coping with stress
  • Shopping for and eating healthy food
  • Knowing the time
  • Taking medication
  • Using transportation
  • Planning for the future

Mental illness and addiction can make many of these life skills hard tasks to complete. Individuals who are recovering may be given the chance to further develop these life skills via a program of their treatment center. Researchers of a 2012 study titled “Developing a Conceptual Framework for Life Skills Interventions” noted that when life skills interventions advocate the integration of autonomy, relatedness, and connectedness, people experience positive psychological development and optimal psychological wellbeing.

MacMillan Education has noted several benefits of learning life skills:

  • Find innovative ways of thinking and problem solving
  • Recognize the impact of your actions and learn to take responsibility for your actions rather than blame others
  • Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration
  • Analyze options, make decisions and understand why you have made a certain choice
  • Develop a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for others

Developing life skills can also be great for future employment, as you can learn how to work well in a team, understand time and people management, learn how to adapt to distinct roles and flexible working environments, develop the potential to lead by influence and learn the ability to self-manage, solve problems and understand the business environment.

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