Where To Find Affordable Rehab in Orange County

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Importance of Recovery

For anyone battling with addiction or mental illness, the benefits of treatment far outweigh the cost, but are there affordable treatment options in a place like Orange County, where the cost of living is so high?

The truth is, it’s almost impossible to put a price tag on recovery. Recovery is a complex process and it takes a lot to face down fears and face addiction. That being said, it also doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simple Recovery offers an intimate, client-centered licensed addiction treatment center that distinctively treats addiction and co-occurring disorders.

We know that it only takes one moment; one connection; one experience between a client and a staff member to make a change and save a life.

The Cost of Recovery

There are multiple options for treatment programs around Southern California. This is partly due to the amazing weather, plus its long history of support for drug and alcohol treatment. When selecting a treatment facility in the Orange County area there are three main things to consider in terms of cost:

In-Patient Treatment

Typical in-patient programs require staying at the facility, providing 24 hour medical and emotional support. One of the benefits of a in-patient facility is that residents are removed from the distractions of everyday life. In-patient treatment is highly effective but can be cost prohibitive.  

Southern California is well known for world-class luxury treatment centers. These facilities are high-end, offering incredible living quarters and privacy.

Not everyone can afford luxury in-patient options like these, as they often do not accept insurance. This is where treatment programs that accept insurance come into play. Our patients see a substantial reduction in out of pocket costs, and we work with you to help you understand how your insurance coverage works.

The length of stay for in-patient programs varies greatly. For some people, a 5-7 day Detox is enough to start a path of recovery, though most stays average around 28 days.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment provides rehabilitation while allowing a person in recovery to continue working or going to school during the day. This allows patients to maintain a normal daily routine. The commitment may be as little as 10-12 hours per week and can be a great option for those with a mild addiction or transitioning out of in-patient care.

Outpatient programs usually include social support and group therapy. The flexible schedules allow people to come during the day or at night, whichever works best. The focus is also on providing skills to enjoy a sober and healthy life while still interacting in one’s natural environment.

An intensive outpatient program usually lasts around 16 weeks.

Like residential treatment, outpatient programs may also include a wide variety of services designed to address addiction, mental health and overall wellness.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance can help greatly reduce the cost of treatment and recovery, making it affordable and accessible to all. That’s because most policies don’t separate into  “covered” and “uncovered,” but rather provide coverage for care if addiction is considered a covered benefit. In other words, whether a person is struggling with alcohol or drug misuse, he or she can seek treatment under their insurance plan.

Not every facility accepts insurance. Additionally, some plans provide coverage for all approaches while others may only pay for one type of care. It’s important to speak with an admissions specialist about your plan; someone well-educated on the various health insurance plans and coverages provided.

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