Where People Find Synthetic Drugs

depressed man against wall
While drugs such as marijuana have been present for decades, synthetic drugs appear to be the popular new craze.  Synthetic drugs refer to a wide array of substances including spice (synthetic marijuana) and bath salts, and are primarily composed of a combination of chemicals that target various areas in the brain resulting in an extreme high.
One of the newest drugs gaining popularity on the street is synthetic marijuana, which is also referred to as spice.  The high from natural marijuana is derived from THC, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the plant.  However, synthetic marijuana is a combination of random plant materials which are sprayed with a completely man made product containing over 700 chemicals that imitate the high caused by THC.  The plant blend used to make spice varies, but many blends contain catnip.  The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is having a hard time regulating the production and distribution of synthetic marijuana because there are over 200 blends and brands on the street.  The DEA has already identified and placed 50 kinds on their Schedule I list of substances, which are rated as being the most dangerous and having the highest potential for abuse.  Synthetic marijuana can be found nearly anywhere, but is typically carried in most head shops.  Spice is advertised as herbal incense blends and each package will say it is not for human consumption, which has allowed for companies to continue production.  
Bath salts have captured the attention of many addicts in recent years.  There are two different types of bath salts: ones that are water soluble and ones that are not.  The bath salt that is not water soluble is what people are presently getting high on.  Snorting is typically the way in which they enter the body and can be extremely dangerous.  Bath salts can be found in practically any convenient or grocery store.  Companies producing these products also state it is not for human consumption on their packaging to avoid any legal trouble.
There are many more substances being created each year, making it hard for the DEA to control the present drug epidemic.  While all drugs are bad, synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous because they are much stronger than natural counterparts.  With the way these drugs are able to be sold over the counter, many fatalities occur each year from use.  The ability to purchase them on the street and online, has contributed to a widespread problem.
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