Where Do You Want to Be in Life? Recovery Can Take You There

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Where Do You Want to Be in Life?  Recovery Can Take You There


For most, the disease of addiction has gotten in the way of life.  Whether you had big dreams of owning a company or weren’t sure yet, becoming an addict or alcoholic likely wasn’t on the agenda.  Addiction doesn’t have to be the end result.  It doesn’t define who you are as a person and determine your worthiness.  Addiction, with no means of discounting it’s abilities, can simply be a pothole on the road of your life.  It can cause you to veer, but you have the opportunity to find your way again.  


Being in addiction recovery is a fantastic thing.  Recovery can provide you with so many learning tools and give you the ability and courage to start over.  If you’ve just gone through treatment, you likely have developed some sort of plan in your mind of what comes next in your life.  It’s important to set small, attainable goals in the beginning.  Whether you have decided to go back to school or get a job, set and stick to a plan.  Sticking to a plan helps your life maintain stability and serenity.


When you set off on your journey of recovery, it’s important to understand and accept you’re going to make mistakes.  Sobriety doesn’t promise perfection.  It simply guarantees your ability to tackle the opportunities life has to offer with a mind that is clear and a body that is clean.  You will find there are things in life that don’t work.  The important part is you learn from your mistakes.  A wise man named John Powell once said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”  Mistakes can be true blessings.  They make us better and more knowledgeable about ourselves and the world around us.  


Once you’ve been clean and sober for a while, it’s imperative you always remember the place you came from.  If you’ve gone to school or gotten a job, you may forget the deep agony of wishing for death during addiction.  Sometimes, when things are going our way, we tend to get overrighteous and demand more.  In recovery, you should always be grateful and show appreciation for the things you have.  Remembering where you came from can help develop humility.


Addiction can be an extremely degrading disease.  In the depths of addiction, you may hate yourself.  Recovery helps you learn to love yourself.  Now that you’re free from the chains of addiction, it’s time to understand and believe you are great.  You can approach opportunities life has to offer without reserve.  Always believe in yourself and know you can achieve anything you put your mind to now that you’re in recovery.  


Treatment and recovery for addiction should be simple. Simple Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment for men and women in a multiphase format encouraging growth and development. Going back to school, back to work, or engaging in volunteer work, our clients waste no time starting their new lives as they continue to heal in mind, body, and spirit.
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