When Partial Hospitalization is the Best Option for You

woman in hospital

With many treatment options available, it can feel overwhelming at times. A partial hospitalization program (PCP) could be an option for you if you require more immediate care than an outpatient program, but less intensive care than an inpatient program. With a PCP, individuals often attend multiple treatment sessions per week before stepping down into a regular outpatient program which holds treatment sessions less frequently and for fewer hours each week. What happens in a PCP?

With a PCP, you will receive intensive care while you’re there. This will include comprehensive treatment services as well as medication if needed; you may receive medical monitoring, but you will not need to stay the night at the hospital center. PCPs often require that you attend treatment sessions 3-5 days a week for about 4-6 hours each day, with the following treatment options available:

  • Detoxification – a process by which your body naturally cleanses itself from the toxins associated with an addiction
  • Medical services – a healthcare team will administer medications if needed
  • Medication management – you may learn about appropriate ways to take medication and how often they’re needed
  • Individual therapy – to speak with someone regarding any underlying issues of concern and for you to begin developing skills to overcome your problems
  • Group counseling – to build a support team and connect with others who are going through somewhat similar circumstances or problems
  • Aftercare planning – to help you get on your feet and feel more stabilized at home and in your work and community
  • Holistic treatments – yoga, mindfulness and meditation exercises, acupuncture, and more to help you feel more connected with your mind, body, and spirit

You should participate in a PCP if you’re seeking something that costs less that a residential treatment program and if you have stable housing, a dedicated support system at home, and if you need more support than a traditional outpatient program may provide. Speak with a reputable treatment center today to learn more about how this option could be of benefit to you.

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