What’s Involved in Nutrition Counseling?


Nutrition counseling is a relatively new area to treatment, which helps individuals treat nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that may be contributing to mental health issues. Diet and supplements are the key focus, and can help a person reach personal nutrition goals while also working towards things such as weight loss and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Nutrition counseling doesn’t just benefit those with mental illness, however; A study conducted by a researcher in Tennessee found that group nutrition education can enhance substance abuse treatment outcomes.

If you can find a reputable treatment program that offers nutritional counseling, you can work on both your mental illness/addiction and your overall health. When you meet with a nutrition counselor, you will discuss with them your goals, objectives, and reasons for wanting to become healthier. With this, you and your counselor will be able to learn more about your stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels, exercise and gastrointestinal function.

With this, you may come to an agreement with your nutrition counselor to keep a food diary, which can better help you and your counselor identify key patterns that aren’t contributing to your health and happiness. Small changes can be made over time and may improve many aspects of your life. Working with a nutrition counselor over a length of time is most beneficial, as a 2014 study conducted by researchers from Israel found that nutritional guidance was most promoted through broader lifestyle and behavioral approaches.

Another 2014 article published in Today’s Dietician found several ways in which nutrition counseling assists those who are struggling with substance abuse:

  • Healing and nourishing the body from prolonged substance abuse
  • Stabilizing mood and reducing stress
  • Reducing cravings for substances
  • Addressing medical conditions that have resulted from substance abuse
  • Encouraging self-care and a healthful lifestyle

Substance abuse can greatly impact the way a person eats, sleeps, utilizes their energy, and more. Nutrition counseling can easily give you insight into modifications you need to make to your diet, and to help restore your mind and body from substance abuse damage.

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