What You Didn’t Know: Top 5 Countries With Alcohol Prohibition

Alcohol Prohibition

The United States has several “dry counties” or counties in which alcohol is prohibited on-premises, off-premises, or both, but there are other countries that have banned people from buying alcohol altogether. Fox News states that most countries prohibit alcohol for religious purposes, with many Muslim-based countries holding alcohol temperance to high standards. Express, a UK website for travel news, explained that harsh punishment laws are set in place in some countries for people who disobey the law; however, they are typically only set in stone for natives and not foreigners. The following are a list of several countries with alcohol prohibition:

  • Bangladesh – due to their Islamic faith, alcohol is banned for Muslims, but Christians may buy alcohol for Holy Communion
  • Iran – alcohol use is illegal for Muslims, who make up most of this country. Alcohol use is still widespread however, as many people find sneaky ways to bring it in.
  • Libya – illegal for the entire country, the black market still brings in alcohol. Strict punishments are set in place for those who are found with it, however.
  • Saudi Arabia – home of the Mecca and with a strict interpretation of the Koran, alcohol is prohibited and there are severe punishments for those caught producing it, importing it, or consuming it.
  • Sudan – since this is a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited, and punishment is often Islamic-style if caught with alcohol.

Many of these countries do not enforce severe punishment on those from out of country, and some yet are limited to 2 alcohol beverages when entering the country, but must consume them in private. Some countries allow only hotels to sell alcohol because of tourist attraction, and other countries confiscate alcoholic beverages immediately upon arrival or provide a receipt of redemption for when the person departs the country. Alcohol prohibition has served mainly for moral reasons, as those of Islamic faith believe that alcohol is the “pathway to destruction”.

Despite religious reasons, alcohol can be dangerous for those who drink it excessively. Substance use disorders can cause a person to lose their job, family, finances, health, and more. If you struggle with substance abuse, make the decision to seek treatment today – there is still time to seek help.

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