What to Do During the Anniversary of Tragedies

What to Do During the Anniversary of Tragedies

It can be hard when it is the anniversary of a tragedy as you cannot help but think of the memories of that person. All of the intense emotions that you have been trying to get through all year begin to catch up with you on this day. By reaching out for support and doing things for others, you can get through this hard time much more easily.

One thing that you should do around this time is reach out to others for support. Look for your friends and family as a source of comfort. It does not mean that you need to revisit memory lane and speaks about the ones who have died. Only talk about what you feel comfortable talking about. Just spending time with someone else will cause you not to be alone in your thoughts. There may be ceremonial gatherings that you can join of others going through the same thing as you that can provide you with a source of comfort.

Another thing you can do is to limit the amount of minutes that you spend looking at media footage of the tragedy. It is possible that news sources will have stories on social media or on television about the tragic event that will only be a trigger to the negative feelings you felt at the time. You are better off finding closure with those who love you than with media footage told by those not personally affected by that particular tragedy. You should also help someone else in need. It will make you feel less helpless during this time as you can help someone do something that cannot be done themselves. It will give you a sense of belonging and usefulness.

Despite all of your efforts to try to feel better, it is possible that your thoughts will still go back to the tragedy. These thoughts will take over your whole day that it interferes with your day. If this is the case, this would be the best time to speak to a mental health professional or call 911 if you feel like hurting yourself. Instead of mourning the person you lost, you should instead be trying to celebrate that person instead. Try thinking of all of the moments you had with that person that made you both smile. By not being alone during the anniversary of a tragedy, you will get through this.

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