What Should I Know About Rehab?

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Entering rehabilitation can be a nerve-wracking time, as you don’t know exactly what to expect. You’ve already been told that you will have a health care team to work with you through detox, a process that you may be fearful of. Understanding what you can expect in rehab will help you feel more at ease. While some aspects of rehab are challenging, you are not alone, and you will get through it. The following are some bits of information about rehab that you might not know:

  • You will learn more than just abstaining from drugs/alcohol. Rehab will teach you how to incorporate proper nutrition and live a healthier lifestyle. Some aspects of this may have been forgotten or lost through addiction, and rehab will help you take better care of yourself and will often emphasize fitness as well.
  • Just because rehab is over, doesn’t mean treatment is. Just because you finish rehab doesn’t mean you are completely cured. Recovery is a lifelong process and takes daily effort, to some extent, to ensure you’re optimizing your health and well-being. Finding a treatment center that will help you create an after-care plan would be very beneficial in case you relapse or need more guidance.
  • Treatment can help you repair damaged relationships from when you were using. Many rehabilitation programs offer family therapy so that everyone involved can resolve damages caused from the addiction. Your loved ones may feel hurt, but they will likely be thankful that you are taking concrete steps towards your recovery.
  • Rehab creates a support system for you. Group therapy sessions will allow you to connect with others who are also working towards their recovery. This will give you a chance to develop meaningful friendships and find the people that you can rely on to help keep you on track.
  • You can use what you have learned to help others. Many people who leave rehab have the knowledge and tools to not only practice what they have learned, but to help others who may need it as well. This may mean that you volunteer somewhere or participate in other community groups but, no matter the method, you can feel great knowing that you are helping others on their journey to recovery as well.


Rehabilitation sounds scary, but it shouldn’t be. It’s simply a new process. Keep an open mind, and stay focused on the end goal, which is for you to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

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