What is it Like to Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating Disorder

The following are a few snippets of Alexandria Austin’s experience with her eating disorder that was published on The Odyssey Online:

“I remember thinking: ‘If I could just get rid of my fat and get skinny, then I’ll stop feeling this way.’… I would think: ‘They don’t want to be my friend anymore because I’m too sensitive and insecure about the relationship. I’m annoying and a burden.’… ‘I’m not a fast enough runner. I need to be faster. All the fast girls on the team are skinny and muscular. I’m fat and slow.”

This is just one depiction of someone’s experience with an eating disorder – each person’s experience is different. There are diverse types of eating disorders, but one underlying constant is typically the mean critic inside one’s mind that continues to punish, to judge, and to hurt them in any way possible. These negative thoughts fuel behavior and decisions, leading a person down a treacherous path of self-destruction. Another person explained their experience with negative thoughts by stating on The Mighty:

“It’s like being in an abusive relationship where one minute it’s spewing hateful thoughts about you and the next it’s apologetically promising that that if you listen to what it says you will achieve happiness.”

Although many negative emotions, destructive behaviors and physical changes can derive from eating disorders, recovery is still possible. One person described her experience with recovery on the National Eating Disorder Information Centre as this:

As I learned more about myself, I found that whenever I became anxious or nervous about a certain situation, a little voice would take over. This was the voice of fear talking, telling me that I was stupid or unworthy… Recovery for me was not about reaching a certain weight or size. It was about learning to accept and appreciate myself the way I am…Today I continue to work towards my goal of being a more balanced and mentally healthy person.”

Many have recovered from an eating disorder, and those who have both an eating disorder and substance abuse disorder have also been able to seek treatment and recover. There are many methods out there that have been proven effective in treating this – there is still hope for you. You are not alone, and many people out here care about your health and well-being.

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