What Has Led to Some Legendary Celebrities’ Substance Abuse?

drug abuse

Celebrities have unique challenges that many others don’t have to face – constant attention, high demands, separation from family while traveling, and temptations to abuse alcohol and drugs are evermore present for them. Are these legends guided into addiction because of sheer celebrity status, or is there something more? The reality is that many of our great musicians face “real people” problems – and they self-medicate, too.

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in London on July 23rd, 2011 after relapsing with alcohol. While there are many speculations on the details of her death, what is truly of concern is what led to this singer’s addiction. The Guardian denotes that Amy was having marital problems as she was in love with Blake Fielder-Civil, and they were struggling between divorce and maintaining their relationship. MTV states that Amy had several health and legal issues as well – she discovered she had emphysema in 2008 while also being questioned by several authorities on assault and drug-related charges. At 27, she lost her life to addiction, and one could contemplate the many struggles she faced in her life that could have led her to self-medication through substance abuse.

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary sex symbol and film star who is said to have died by overdose of barbiturates in 1962. Her life was far from perfect, yet few people know of the trauma she endured. As a baby and child, Norma Jeane Mortenson (stage name Marilyn Monroe) was a lonely girl who was neglected by her mother who had severe paranoid schizophrenia and spent most of her life institutionalized. Norma was sent to several different foster homes and encountered sexual assault on many occasions. The star suffered from low self-esteem, and many loved ones knew she was unhappy.

Jimi Hendrix, known as the greatest electrical guitarist, experienced adversities as well. Born on November 27th, 1942, Jimi’s teenage mother had drinking problems which led to him living with friends and neighbors. At an early age, he was taken from a family’s care and was placed with his father whom he had never met because he had been enlisted in the army. Jimi endured a rough, unstable childhood, and his mother died of a ruptured spleen when he was 15 years old. Jimi spent much of his young life feeling lost and without a home to call his own.  

Some of our most legendary performers have faced traumatic events that have led to their addictions in an attempt to soothe their aching souls. What they really needed was support – someone to believe in them, inspire them, motivate them, and to listen to them.

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