What does Occupational Therapy Consist of?


When it comes to substance abuse and co-occurrence of mental health disorders, many people find unique challenges in their journey to recovery. Rehabilitation includes medicinal and therapeutic practices for a person to become sober and remain abstinent while building their resilience, learning more about their disorder and/or addiction, and developing tools to better cope with the challenges associated with daily life. Occupational therapy seeks to address a person’s behaviors and how those behaviors contribute to their daily life and overall well-being.

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) states that occupational practitioners are well trained to help clients recognize how their substance abuse affects their roles that are most meaningful, such as being a parent, coworker, spouse, child, and more. Therapy doesn’t always have to relate directly to substance abuse, however. For example, if a client’s most key role for themselves is being a parent, they may learn in occupational therapy how to incorporate better parenting skills while also developing the tools they need to manage the stress of being a parent without drinking or using drugs. AOTA has listed 4 main responsibilities of an occupational therapist:

    • Evaluate the person’s ability to function daily.
    • Help the client set both short-term and long-term goals for themselves in recovery.
    • Implement ways in which the person can gain control back over their life. This could include learning effective coping skills, learning how to manage money, completing household chores, getting and maintaining  a job, and more.
    • Evaluate the likelihood of the person relapsing and devise strategies with them to help prevent them from it.

Occupational therapy has been very effective in helping individuals in rehabilitation facilities gain back control over their lives. Many people with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder have lost touch with necessary daily functions to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Occupational therapy gives them the chance to build these skills again.

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