What Does A Psychiatrist Do?

woman at Psychiatrist

When you enter into a treatment program, you will need to speak with a psychiatrist in order to get a better understanding of what medications you may need in order to help you maintain clarity in your recovery. A psychiatrist is someone who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders; those who specialize in drug and addiction may be interested in looking into a client’s history to see early warning signs of addiction. From there, they may provide you with medication for symptoms of a mental disorder or to assist you in withdrawal. However, your healthcare team may consist of more than one psychiatrist – you may also encounter psychologists, therapists, and/or drug and alcohol counselors.

Psychologists are professionally trained to help individuals cope more effectively with life issues and mental problems. If you’re assigned a psychologist, you may work with this person to address issues related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. Ultimately, psychologists work with people to help them make desirable changes to their behavior. This is where techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) come in – because both of these approaches are used by psychologists to help clients assess their behavioral patterns and create pathways for change. All psychiatrists and psychologists undergo rigorous training and hold PhD’s.

A therapist may hold a degree in various fields pertaining to their key interests. A therapist is someone who can council, listen, and advise a person on particular issues. For instance, some therapists specialize in marriage or relationship counseling, guidance and career counseling, rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and more. A great therapist will help you cope with your feelings, identify potential solutions to problems, and make behavioral changes that can enhance your recovery.

Drug and alcohol counselors are trained individuals who work specifically with those in addiction recovery to better understand their addiction and develop tools for overcoming it. These counselors often work with people one-on-one or in groups, and help people come up with a treatment plan. Drug and alcohol counselors often work in a structured program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or as established by a treatment center. If you’ve been assigned a drug and alcohol counselor, you will work closely with them to overcome any obstacles getting in your way of recovery.

Your healthcare team may consist of one or more of these individuals, but they all care about your success. Consider them part of your support network; after all, they’re there to help you better your life and overcome your addiction.

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