What do Prisons Face When it Comes to Drug Dealing?


Prisons hold many people who struggle with addiction, thus drug smuggling is a topic of concern for many prisons. As one inmate stated in an interview for an online magazine called The Fix, “If I walk down my landing, I can get whatever I want”. While some people in prison remain sober while inside, the minute they get out, they are tempted to use again. Others find ways to receive drugs even through the most secured facilities – through family visits, mail, and employees of the prison. Mic states that inmates will often pay through money transfers via people on the outside, but if they aren’t able to pay, that’s when injuries and robberies occur.

As prison security continues to get more fine-tuned, people in prison are becoming more creative in their methods to obtain drugs. For example, one person described how he would get a woman interested and when she would come visit him, he would always pass a candy to her when they were kissing. He explained for The Daily Beast,

Then one day at visiting I’ll concoct a story, I owe a debt. I need you to bring some weed in that my brother has for me. When she asks how, I just remind her how I’ve been slipping the candy into her mouth when we kiss…Once I get her to agree, I’ll convince her to start bringing in more profitable drugs like heroin”.

As technology has become more enhanced, drones are becoming a popular mechanism for smuggling drugs into prison. As one person stated,

A drone will drop a package on the recreation yard; an inmate wearing a hoodie grabs it and blends into a group of convicts right before a recall for count when everyone is going back to their cells”.

With time on their hands and not enough support for drug addiction rehabilitation, people in prison often create crafty ways to bring drugs in – if not for themselves, to make a profit off of selling them to others. Drugs are much more expensive in prison where accessibility requires a little more work – one person stated that a gram of heroin may cost $80 in the city, but it will cost $400 in prison. There is a lot of money going in and out, and those involved in drug smuggling face even more criminal charges because of these methods.

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