What Are Some Signs My Significant Other Has an Addiction?

Couples therapy assessment

Witnessing a loved one become addicted can be very painful. Often warning signs of an addiction show long before the person is willing to admit it. In many other instances, a loved one may be in denial and unwilling to seek treatment on their own. If you’re suspecting that your partner may have an addiction, recognize some key signs:

  • Using a substance for longer or in higher amounts than they wanted to, or doing it even after telling themselves they weren’t going to
  • Neglecting activities that have typically been important to them
  • Taking greater risks to obtain a substance
  • Acting out in response to complaints or attempts to have a discussion surrounding their substance use
  • Being secretive about their use
  • Major changes or deterioration in their appearance such as lack of showering, unkept appearance, etc.
  • Heightened tolerance to substance use
  • Experiences symptoms such as anxiety, shakiness, sweating, nausea, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, and more when the effects of a substance have worn off
  • Continues to engage in substance use despite negative consequences in other areas of life

Your significant other may also be struggling with substance use if they attempt to use substances to cope with painful emotions. To help your loved one, you may first want to try talking to them about your concerns. This may or may not work with them, but it’s always a good step to take unless you are concerned about your physical safety. When you do speak with them, make sure they are completely sober and that you’re at an appropriate time to have a sincere discussion. Express your worries and make suggestions of them seeking treatment. Be sure to voice your concerns with compassion and love.

If your loved one is not receptive to your concerns, you may wish to stage an intervention. Interventions have proven to be very successful, especially if there is a moderator to serve as an additional form of support and bridge to communication between your loved one and immediate friends and family. Take a stand for your loved one’s health and well-being and reach out to a reputable treatment center today.

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