What are Addiction Boot Camps?

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Addiction is an exasperating and stubborn disease.  It can lie dormant for years and strike a person when they least expect it.  There are many treatment paths a person can take to get help for their addiction.  One of the most scientifically backed options are inpatient residential programs.  Programs such as these provide patients with various forms of psychotherapy, ultimately teaching them how to handle potentially difficult life situations.  Most of the facilities are designed to make patients feel comfortable, while also encouraging responsibilities.  There is, however, a new trend emerging called addiction treatment boot camps.

While relaxing and comfortable residential programs work for many, there are several who slip through the cracks and experience habitual relapse.  With the relapse rate at 60 percent, many attend treatment programs over and over again in an attempt to overcome their addiction.  Their mind and body want to stop the perpetual cycle, but they have yet to find a solution which works against their disease.  In rigid cases such as these, addiction boot camps can be a great alternative to traditional treatment.

Ever since their introduction, addiction boot camps have been a controversial option, with many questioning the effectiveness of their strict procedures.  Some may say people who are attempting to get well from addiction are not in the best physical shape, and boot camps are too hard on their body. However, for many who have struggled for years to get well, this may be the only thing that works for them.  

A typical boot camp program is designed to shock a person into healing from their addiction.  Boot camps focus more on physical training rather than mental guidance and don’t allow for deviance.  Many people who go through addiction treatment boot camps claim it helped them realize the severity of the future path of addiction.  Addiction is a deadly disease, and those who continue likely end up in prison or dead.  Harsh conditions in boot camps help people see first hand what their life could really be like if they keep going the same way.  In essence, boot camps are quite similar to traditional treatment centers because they both teach patients how to admit their powerlessness over addiction, drop their self-seeking ego, and learn to trust in something greater than themselves.  Boot camps are certainly not for everybody, but for those who can’t seem to grasp sobriety and find themselves in and out of traditional programs, they can be a great option.  

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