Warning: Drug Dealing is Just as Dangerous as Buying Drugs From Someone


A person’s story with drug dealing with explained on Salon,

“Rico works a fulltime job and only deals as much as he can reasonably use or hide. He lives in the same small house he’s lived in for 12 years, in a down-and-out part of Albuquerque that recently began to ‘yuppify’, as he puts it… ‘I’m not trying to be some rich guy. I’m just trying to get money to enjoy myself. Real-world jobs don’t allow people to do that. I think that’s why a lot of people sell drugs,’ Rico says.”

There are many people out there selling drugs, and they may not even be consuming them. Most are doing this for additional money, as part-time drug selling has become more popular than one may think. The benefits may seem plenty – not a lot of time spent for a decent amount of additional cash coming in. While this may seem tempting, drug dealing can be just as dangerous as being a customer.

As one could guess, getting caught could cost a person everything they’ve earned, and more. A student who was selling drugs to other university students in the UK was sentenced to 3 years in prison after police confiscated a package that was addressed to him and contained over $1,000 worth of ecstasy pills, according to Vice. Getting caught by the police isn’t the only concern, however.

Many drug dealers have labs in their home where they create the drugs – this places them and everyone in their area at risk if the lab explodes and the house catches on fire. Take, for example, a man whose apartment caught fire and exploded in October of 2017 after cooking methamphetamine – as stated on AOL, surrounding neighbors were concerned about the fire spreading. “It’s scary because we have kids up and down the street, it’s scary. I hope this town cleans up,” said Darlene Davis, a nearby neighbor.

In addition, selling drugs is heavily linked with violence if the person is part of a gang. A 2009 study conducted by researchers from The Ohio State University found that gang members who sold drugs were significantly more violent than gang members who didn’t, drug sellers who don’t belong to gangs and gang members who don’t sell drugs engage in violence, and disadvantaged neighborhoods have an increased risk for violence between gang members, especially those that sell drugs.

Drug dealing holds serious implications for all involved. If you have an addiction, seek help. It could very well save your life. If you’re considering selling drugs, make the choice to not help others feed their addictions. Everyone needs a little more support to help each other avoid self-medicating.

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