Volunteering is Good for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit


Helping others is a wonderful way to gain fulfillment in life while making a difference in someone else’s. If you’re currently in recovery, volunteering can give you an even deeper sense of purpose and can give you an outlet to focus your efforts into. If you’re not in recovery, volunteering can help your further develop your skills while helping an organization that needs it. The Atlantic notes that volunteering can help us to lead longer, healthier lives and has been shown to be beneficial alongside proper diet and exercise.

By volunteering, you are giving yourself the opportunity to socialize with others, meaning that you may make connections you otherwise wouldn’t have. These connections could lead you to employment opportunities, friendships, advisors, and more. Furthermore, the Corporation for National and Community Service states that volunteering can help us solve problems and can overall strengthen a community; by working alongside others in your neighborhood, you gain a more sense of “home” and build your support network of people to rely on.

A 2013 Harvard Health study found that individuals who gain the most from volunteering are those who do it for altruism – also known as truly wanting to do good for others. Volunteering can instill a sense of accomplishment and is likely to lower your blood pressure and kick-start healthy habits such as engaging in a nutritious diet and exercising appropriately. By lowering your blood pressure, you have a higher chance of avoiding conditions later in life such as heart disease, stroke, and premature death.

So far, research has not concluded any specific type of volunteer work – it seems that wanting to make a difference is what matters most, no matter what type of work you do. If you haven’t already, speak with a local organization about volunteer opportunities, or, if you’re at a treatment center, speak with your recovery leader about options for helping. It could motivate you through your recovery and lend you a plethora of benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise received.

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