Video Games Mentally Affect Children

Guy playing Video Games

Video games can be a fun hobby to do as they can make you feel like a winner and can get rewarded. According to NoBullying, 15.5% of video games have violent and mature content. Kids are killing people in video games and getting rewarded for it. Video games give children a bad message that it is okay to do these things in real life instead of knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. Children must be made aware of the damages that violent video games can do to a person’s psyche before they can take over their minds.

Video games can give a child increased aggressive feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and lack of a social life. Too much simulated violence can make children become immune to it and have a higher chance of behaving violently and less empathetic. In a study done in 2017 by the Université dé Montréal says playing the popular multiplayer war game Call of Duty can affect the caudate nucleus in your brain which plays a role in procedural learning and associative learning. In-system navigational tools or onscreen GPSs are used instead of using active learning. Gray matter increases in the caudate nucleus but decreases in the hippocampus. Mental illnesses can include schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, depression, and PTSD.

There are negative physical effects like obesity, video-induced seizures, tendonitis, nerve compression, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Educational risks of violent video games include violent aggression in school such as, according to Argosy University Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, arguing with the teacher, having fights with classmates or friends, skipping homework, and having lower grades than those who play video games less. The more children play, the lower their grades could get.

Video game addiction can create lifelong patterns of addiction which can lead to trouble in adulthood. Though some studies have indicated that video gaming leads to higher levels of comprehension and multitasking, there is plenty of evidence indicating that depression, anxiety, social issues, and substance abuse issues can also result. Isolation is common in video game addiction, which is a problematic component in the common experience of addiction.

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