Valentine’s Day Mantras to Set Your Day Off Right

Valentine’s Day decor

Whether you are in recovery for mental health or substance abuse, Valentine’s Day can raise some concerns. Most of us in recovery haven’t had time for a relationship because we’ve been trying to focus on developing the tools we need to be better. For others, we have been trying to maintain a relationship but are feeling nervous about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our loved one. No matter the circumstance, Valentine’s Day can be a source of stress, anxiety, and despair if we let it. Set your Valentine’s Day off right with the following mantras:

  • “I deserve to love and be loved.” If you’re feeling lonely or sad, stating this mantra to yourself throughout the day can help get your mind focused on the facts. As a human, you do deserve love – both to/from yourself and others.
  • “Today will be a beautiful day because I say so.” This mantra is all about seizing control of the day; there is something uplifting and powerful about stating to yourself how you will manage the day and then sticking to it.
  • “So many parts of my life bring me joy and happiness.” Based on gratitude and appreciation, this mantra will help you focus in on what you do have. Your recovery leader, friends, family, pets – this is a time where you can give them the credit they deserve!
  • “I am worthy of being happy today.” If you’re feeling upset or shameful, this mantra can help you get into the mindset that you are still worthy of being happy. No matter what mistakes you or others have made in the past, you still deserve to have a good day. Use this mantra if you want to focus on forgiveness and thrive in the present moment.
  • “I work so hard and I love myself so much for it.” While Valentine’s Day can be focused on others, we can also make it a day to focus on ourselves and practice self-love and self-care. The Huffington Post notes that being mindful of our inner critic and replaces those negative messages with love and acceptance is a wonderful way to navigate the day.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful if you choose for it not to be. Take control over your mindset this Valentine’s Day (and every other day) and feed your mind positive words of affirmation. You’ll be amazed at the difference it truly makes.

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