Using Spiritual Skills From Treatment For Living Sober

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Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders is about learning how to live sober without drugs and alcohol. Sadly, many people experience failure in their abstinence because learning how to be sober, simply isn’t enough. Sobriety and recovery are two different life experiences. Being sober is living without drugs and alcohol but may not include the mental, physical, and spiritual changes necessary to maintain sobriety. Living sober is something different. Living sober is embracing all of the skills and techniques one learns in treatment and developing it into a lifestyle of recovery. Without the integration and adoption of these lifestyles skills, sobriety is less of a life and more of a task that doesn’t have any support for carrying out successfully. All of the skills you learn in treatment can be applied in real life to create a lifestyle of recovery that encourages you to be sober, fully embodying the life-changing lifestyle of recovery.


Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spirituality

Most treatment programs will introduce you to one or all three of these life skills in different ways. Mindfulness and meditation are spiritually based practices which foster focus, relaxation, and stress management. Becoming more connected with the present moment will help you live fully in recovery. Scientifically proven to increase gray matter in the brain, these spiritual practices help the physical muscle of your brain grow with new synapses to create new knowledge and understanding of life around you.


Spirituality is most frequently introduced through the twelve steps. Twelve step programs use the word “God” followed by a conditional phrase of “as we understood Him”. Spirituality is not denominational in any way. The spiritual path is one of reflection, introspection, exploration, and discovery of thoughts beyond the self. Once drugs and alcohol are taken out of the picture, the brain is capable of focusing on more than filling the self-centered needs of chemical demands. Thinking outside of the box, you can consider more of what life is, what life means, and more importantly, what life means to you. The twelve steps will act as a guideline to finding and defining a “higher power” in your life as well as how to develop a relationship with that higher power. For many people, a spiritual relationship and a spiritual practice in their lives creates the meaning, purpose, and sustenance they need to continue living sober and being in recovery.


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