Simple Recovery recognizes the need for safe and structured housing for clients stepping down from the residential setting. With this in mind, we collaborate with local sober livings to ensure that, as needed, clients will be afforded the opportunity to live in a setting that complements their recovery and treatment.

What is Sober Living?

Sober livings serve as ancillary support to individuals in most outpatient programs. When stepping down into the outpatient phase of treatment, sober living bridges the gap between inpatient treatment and independent living.

While sober livings provide less structure than an inpatient treatment center, they do provide an intermediate sober environment that encourages individuals to integrate their developing healthy coping skills and program of recovery into daily living.

Simple Recovery collaborates with only esteemed and notable sober livings in Orange County. As part of our commitment to client-centered care, we diligently evaluate each sober living we collaborate with, prior to a client residing there.

Do I need Sober Living?

The structure and support provided by sober living is significantly useful to most individuals in early recovery. Because sober living homes replicate normal, everyday situations while instilling healthy habits, they act as a successful supplement to recovery. Sober living homes help individuals progress through a number of challenges in early recovery including:

  • Communicating needs, and setting boundaries with roommates.
  • Building a fellowship of other sober peers.
  • Structure and accountability through curfews, house rules, and daily chores.
  • Conjoined care in both the outpatient treatment setting and home environment.