The Simple Life: Recovery with a Purpose.

Simple Recovery believes that therapeutic treatment must go beyond helping individuals to stop drug or alcohol use. Through our core component of Simple Life, we utilize occupational therapy to empower clients to find activities which bring them purpose and well-being in recovery. Simple Life enables clients to fill the void left in the absence of substances with meaningful roles and occupation.

Designed to help clients look critically at everyday routines, the Simple Life Program examines how an individual’s daily actions effect their physical, psychological and spiritual health and their ability to participate in meaningful activities. Occupational therapy empowers clients to recognize how their substance use affects those roles which are most meaningful; and empower clients to regain a sense of purpose and direction.

The Simple Life Program is geared toward men and women of all ages to help our clients construct or rebuild their life with purpose. Simple Life will help you acquire the skills necessary to further your education, change careers, train for your first job, develop new hobbies and create a full life.

Benefits of Simple Life

Simple Life benefits men and women at any phase of life. Simple life equips individuals by:

  • Getting back on course with the appropriate phase of life of the individual, and any phase of life.
  • How to handle phase of life milestones:
    • First job
    • Career change
    • Starting a family
    • Retirement
  • How to handle phase of life changes:
    • Death of a loved one
    • Loss of employment
    • Legal complications
    • Separation or divorce

Discover the Simple Life—and a proven way of rebuilding and constructing your purpose, occupational path or vocational needs. Call 888-743-0490 or complete our confidential online inquiry form.