Orange County Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Simple Recovery’s residential treatment program in Costa Mesa, Orange County is designed for clients who are seeking help for their addiction and have home environments not conducive to safe and sober living. As a Simple Recovery resident, you receive treatment within a safe and healing environment that includes a combination of psycho-education group and individual therapy, 12-step immersion, medical and psychiatric care. Our holistic approach treats not just addiction, but the mind, body and spirit to build a strong foundation for entire well-being.

What Is Residential (Inpatient) Treatment?

A day in residential treatment in Costa Mesa is simple and structured. During the inpatient stay, residents actively participate in a well-rounded range of program components:

  • Daily morning meditation
  • Psycho-educational process groups such as:
    • Grief and loss
    • Spirituality
    • Healthy relationships and intimacy
    • Shame and guilt
    • Recovery
  • Group therapy & individual counseling
  • Cognitive & dialectical behavioral therapies
  • Physical fitness & recreational activities
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Life skills activities and accountability
  • Co-occurring education and support
  • Stress identification & management techniques
  • Relapse prevention and planning
  • Adjunctive therapies (art, hypnotherapy & drama)
  • Families in Recovery Program
  • 12-step immersion
  • Mindfulness & spirituality

Simple Recovery residents will begin 12-step immersion by attending five to seven 12-Step (AA, NA, CA, MA, PA) speaker meetings or discussion groups each week, in addition to programming.

How Long Is Residential Treatment?

Simple Recovery program phases build on one another, offering a clinically robust framework that propels clients toward community reintegration. For clients just acknowledging their need for addiction treatment, extended care of intensive therapy is an excellent start to recovery. However, some individuals may have previously undergone treatment, experienced periods of sobriety, and have relapsed. In these cases, we work with them to personalize a recovery program length to maximize success in abstinence, relationships, and welfare.

Let’s Rebuild Your Life Together

We are dedicated to helping you build clear and tangible pathway to build a life in recovery. Call 888-743-0490, or fill out our confidential online form below. An admissions counselor will contact you for a private consultation.