Orange County Drug & Alcohol Detox

Most individuals in active addiction who want to quit, and are often intimidated by the physical withdrawal symptoms of stopping use. While detoxing can be uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous, thus our clinical and medically trained team bring safety, compassion and comfort to individuals taking their first step towards physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What is detox?

Detox is the critical beginning to the remainder of your recovery journey. Before taking any other action, the physical effects of drugs and alcohol must be withdrawn.

At Simple Recovery Detox you can expect:

  • 24/7 medical observation
  • Private in-home detox setting
  • 12-step panels and in house meetings
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Full-sized beds and privacy
  • Acupuncture and massage therapy as needed.

Do I need detox?

Like much of the recovery process, the inclusion of detox in your individual recovery plan is based on your unique needs. Simple Recovery offers all levels of care to allow for detoxification, stabilization, and progression through recovery.


  • Clinical and Medical assessment prior to admission to determine need for detox
  • Stabilization
  • Primary detox care by licensed specialists (including LVNs, MD and nursing staff)
  • MATS (as needed)
  • Bio-psychosocial assessment by a licensed, certified therapist
  • Preparation for continued recovery
  • Educational recovery groups and process groups
  • Access to therapy and individual case management
  • Client review, feedback & acknowledgement of treatment plan
  • Designated continuum of treatment based on client needs


  • The amount of alcohol or drugs that he or she has been using
  • The individual’s physical and psychological status
  • Types of drugs being used
  • The length of time that he or she has been using substances

Take the Next Simple Step

Simple Recovery staff professionals see beyond your drug and alcohol problems to the strong, capable person you can become. Our California-licensed and accredited residential and outpatient treatment programs are also accredited by the Joint Commission and staffed with professionals who have a passion to help you transform your life. If you won’t quit, we won’t quit on you. Call 888-207-0965 today or begin the admissions process online.