California Addiction Treatment Program

At Simple Recovery, our credentialed professionals journey alongside clients to build a foundation for long term sobriety in a healthy, positive environment.

As clients encounter life stressors and triggers for addictive behavior or relapse, we are dedicated to helping individuals uncover new ways of living that replace maladaptive coping skills and old behaviors.

Our programs are specifically designed to teach men and women how to “live sober” rather than just “be sober.”

Simple Recovery Substance Abuse Programs

Our continuum of care includes one residential home in Huntington Beach, where detoxification takes place, and foundation is built. Our program also includes Partial Hospitalization day treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment. 

Our treatment program length is not a one size fits all solution. Simple Recovery offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs which employ daily living skills, education and employment services and a variety of psychotherapies to increase accountability, recognize and adapt to needs, and reduce relapse rates while assisting individuals in the process of family and community reintegration.

  • Co-ed detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Co-ed outpatient treatment (partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient programming)
  • Simple Life educational and vocational program

  • Aftercare planning and relapse services
  • Alumni fellowship and events
  • Liasion and legal services
  • Families in Recovery program

Our Difference

Whether you are entering rehab for the first time or have experienced a frustrating relapse, we see past your addiction to the capable person you are. Our inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as our sober living environments address the needs of those taking the first step in addiction treatment—and those coming home to lead a life of long term sobriety.

Co-Occurring Treatment

Co-Occurring disorders are chemical dependencies complicated by a secondary mental health diagnosis. At Simple Recovery, we believe that to diligently treat each individual, we must address all aspects of health. Our credentialed staff is equipped to deal with a variety of co-occurring disorders, including post-traumatic stress, panic and anxiety, clinical depression and some mood disorders.

Simple Recovery works collaboratively with our consulting psychiatrist to identify appropriate medications when necessary for co-occurring disorders. In conjunction with psychiatric care, clients participate in psycho-educational programming that teaches how to live with a co-occurring disorder.


Get in Touch with Us

No matter where you are on your pathway to recovery, we are here to support you or your loved one. To learn more about our approach to a safe and productive recovery, contact our admissions team now: 888-743-0490.