Top 5 Most Unexpected Yet Common Relapse Triggers

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Identifying relapse triggers is a preventative measure that one can take to increase their chances of employing an action plan and seeking help before relapsing. Many support groups and treatment programs talk about common triggers such as cravings, negative moods, upsetting events, certain times of the day when drug use occurred and more – but what about triggers that are common but aren’t as expected? After all, it’s the unexpected ones that can be the most dangerous. Let’s explore them here:

  • When things are going fabulously well with a romantic partner. When things are going well with your significant other, you may feel on top of the world. While this is a wonderful feeling, it can lead to impulsive choices – relapse could be ahead if you aren’t careful with your decisions.
  • When you’re on the most beautiful vacation. When we’re far away, it’s easy to feel as though no limits exist – ever heard of the phrase, “What happens in [insert country], stays in [insert same country]?” This is a key phrase for relapse, because it’s easy to get in this mindset.
  • When you’ve been accepted for a position that you’ve always wanted. Our society has taught us that when good things happen, we need to celebrate – usually through drinking or some other substance. This doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate in a healthy way, but this does mean that using substances could really set you back in recovery.
  • When you’re feeling strong in your recovery. Over-confidence is a powerful feeling that can cause us to say things like, “Just one is fine – I won’t have any more after that”. The feeling of being in control can become exaggerated, leaving us to forget that we are still human, and we are still in recovery.
  • When your family supports your recovery. Just as a lack of support can hinder a person’s recovery, having too much pressure on you can also be a trigger. If you’re feeling overly pressured, relapse could ensue if you feel as though you can’t meet the expectations of your family.


Develop an action plan for these common yet unexpected triggers. Talk them over with your support network. Recovery is possible.

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