Top 3 Reasons Why Your Mental Health May Be Suffering

Mental Health Suffering

Mental health is something that can easily go overlooked if not taken seriously. Many people believe that simply getting 8 hours of sleep or eating a healthy breakfast will keep their mental health at bay – on the surface they may seem to work, but there is much more than needs to be done to ensure psychological well-being. Not taking care of your mental health could lead to a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety, or you could place yourself at risk for addiction by self-medicating with alcohol or drugs to manage painful thoughts, feelings, and life events. If you feel that you’ve done everything you can but are still bogged with thoughts of negativity, worthlessness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and more, you may be doing the following without even realizing it:

    1. Placing too high of expectations on yourself. Pushing yourself to succeed is, to an extent, healthy. It’s what drives many people to do better next time, to excel in their business meetings, to go for that extra mile. However, there is a fine line between striving to succeed and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion. Being too hard on yourself can easily lead you into a lower self-esteem and depression.
    1. Allowing others’ perceptions of you to become part of your identity. Many of us have someone in our lives whom hasn’t been the best person to have around because they seem to always make us feel down or bad about ourselves. If there’s someone in your life who makes you feel this way and you internalize it, your mental health suffers. It’s time to cut that person out of your life if you are able – love, support, and positivity are so important.
  1. Dismissing your own feelings. American society has taught most of us to avoid our true feelings, and this can be very damaging to mental health. If you deny your feelings about something by avoiding the topic or person, distracting yourself or abusing substances to deal with the pain, you are damaging your mental health.

Emotions can be difficult to address, because nobody likes to be in pain. However, finding healthy ways to express and cope with painful feelings is the healthiest option for both the mind and body. In doing this, you are taking a step towards preventing yourself from developing a mental disorder and/or an addiction, both of which can significantly affect all aspects of life. If you’ve been self-medicating with alcohol and/or drugs to cope with your problems, make the decision to seek help today.

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