Top 10 States With the Worst Substance Abuse Problems

Top 10 States

Substance abuse is not an unknown problem in the United States – with the opioid crisis taking over and more people attempting to self-medicate, drugs and alcoholism are taking effect on the country. While these issues plague every state in the US, there are a few states that are having to take stronger action towards preventative care and community education on substance abuse. WalletHub, a website that provides membership for credit reports, conducted a study to determine which states were highest at risk for substance abuse, and they utilized 3 main factors: drug use and addiction, law enforcement, and drug health issues and rehabilitation rates. Here is what they came up with:

  1. District of Columbia
  2. Vermont
  3. Colorado
  4. Delaware
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Oregon
  7. Connecticut
  8. Arizona
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Michigan

The study entailed 15 relevant metrics, including topics such as the percentage of teens who use versus the percentage of adults, the number of methamphetamine lab incidents, prescription drug monitoring laws, to the percentage of adults who needed treatment but didn’t seek it, and much more. You can find the official webpage report here:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducted a survey in 2015 and found that nearly 21 million Americans were had a substance abuse problem. As you can see from the list above, this issue has not ameliorated, and more action needs to be taken.

If you live in one of these states, what does this mean for you? If you have a substance abuse problem, this means that many others in your state do too and you need to utilize the resources provided and seek treatment immediately. So many people out here are ready to help you be on your way to a happier, healthier life. If you don’t have a substance abuse issue, this means that there are many opportunities in your state (and everywhere else, too) for you to donate your money and/or time towards efforts of prevention from addiction. We need volunteers now more than ever.

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