Tips For Holding A Successful Family Meeting

Family Meeting
Family meetings can seem like a task nobody wants to participate in. During the treatment process, the whole family has an opportunity to recover together and find a way to bond that is unique just to them. Family meetings stop being a task when they involve a special family ceremony or tradition that everyone can look forward to. A family that comes through treatment and recovery is stronger together. Family therapy and family programming in treatment makes the family more cohesive, loving, and compassionate. Getting through a loved one’s addiction and growing together in recovery is a special experience. Each family meeting should be an experience which reflects what the family has gone through. Family meetings aren’t tasks that have to be dealt with but important family bonding times which can be enjoyable by everyone. Honest feelings, open communication, and recognition are no longer uncomfortable situations but the recognized tools of what keeps the family going.


Make family meeting time special, beyond the family meeting

In addition to the family meeting, include something special. Make family meeting night family cooking night or choosing a new special restaurant to enjoy. Watch a chosen movie or play a game after the meeting. Whatever it is that you and your family has discovered is fun for everyone to do together, make it part of family meetings.

Open the floor for difficult conversations

Part of the reason family meeting time is so beneficial is because it is a time to be open about difficult experiences. Family members learn to feel safe and trust the privacy of the family meeting. Using tools of communication and effective emotional articulation, each member of the family knows that they can openly and honestly communicate what is happening for them within the family and outside of the family. Maintain healthy boundaries to make sure that the communication stays away from shaming, blaming, and projection.


Everyone gets a chance to talk

Family roles develop in family of origin systems. An addict or an alcoholic in the family often contributes to these roles. The family therapy process helps the family realize the roles they have created for each other as well as themselves. Falling back into those roles is a habit which takes time to change. Sometimes, those roles can mean one member of the family isn’t given a chance to speak up. A critical component of family meeting time is making sure that everyone gets a chance to talk. Equality is key in a healthy functioning family system.


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