Time Management Tips for People in Recovery

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Time Management Tips for People in Recovery


Effectively managing time is a struggle for people in all walks of life. People overbook, do not leave enough time to get from place to place, or do not make time management a priority in their lives. People in recovery especially need to have time management as a life skill to help them to continue to be successful. Without time management, life can become stressful and chaotic which can impede recovery development, making relapse more susceptible.


Addicts make drugs their priority. Keeping commitments and organization tends to become more of a hassle for somebody who is focused on their addiction. Losing interest in responsibilities is common in substance abusers. Once an addict gets sober, getting their life together can become a major undertaking. A starting point to regain responsibility back can begin with time management. Using recovery tools to manage time, can make life a whole lot simpler.


Use a calendar.
Digital calendars or paper calendars are great tools to keep somebody culpable. The type of calendar that is chosen will need to be the form that inspires an addict to favor time management. A digital calendar is great for notifications and for the fact that most people are on their phones a lot. Paper calendars are great for putting pen to paper. Writing takes more mental application than pressing buttons quickly on a phone or computer which can make a bigger impression.


Make a daily schedule.
Boredom and procrastination are elements that can negatively affect an addict’s recovery. Making a daily agenda can be helpful to keep on track with making choices that can heighten recovery rather than tear it down. Having a to-do-list with a timeframe can aid in managing and prioritizing important tasks.


Commit to a start time.
Being accountable begins with showing up on time. Making the scene becomes second nature when there is a start time in place. Start with the job and meetings, and other endeavors should follow suit.


Make scheduling realistic.
Once an addict gets sober, they may overwhelm themselves on their schedule to achieve feeling even better than they already do. Generally, addicts like to do things in excess and over scheduling can also become an issue.


Have fun.
Take time out of all of the daily rigmarole to do something that can be delighted in. Relax and take it easy once in awhile because having some quality downtime makes a difference in recovery.


Organizing one’s time is essential for recovery. Time management is a great attribute to work for. Reputation, responsibility, and control are improved by learning how to manage time better in recovery.


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