Thoughts That Can Prevent Depression Treatment

Thoughts That Can Prevent Depression Treatment

Because depression is a mental illness, it has a way of clouding your judgment and altering your thoughts. This can mean that you do not believe that any of your symptoms are serious enough to do anything about it. You need to admit to yourself that your depression is worsening before serious consequences occur as a result of your denial.

One thought that brings someone in denial of their depression is that how they are feeling is not that bad. Depression can cause you to be slow to your changes or unaware of its impact. You may have interpreted depression as someone who cries all of the time or has thoughts of suicide. Remember that depression comes in varying degrees. Just because your depression has not gotten as serious as others does not mean that it does not have the potential to do so. Do not wait for your depression to get worse to realize that you need help.

Another troubling thought is that you think you do not need help from anybody. Depression is not like typical sadness where you can become happy again soon. Depression is a serious illness that will take a lot more than trying to cheer yourself up. While it is good to believe that you will eventually become better again, you will not get there completely by yourself. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need your friends, family, and therapist to help you through this time. A third negative thought can be thinking that it does not matter if you are depressed. Being depressed means that you feel like you are beyond help or there is no hope. These are not thoughts that should be downplayed as they can grow serious later. It always matters how you are feeling and a therapist can help you take those feelings seriously as well.

A fourth troubling thought is thinking that because you do not cry all the time, your depression is not serious enough to treat. Depression does not always start in tears but you could be feeling numb about your feelings and putting yourself into isolation. If all you are feeling is numbness, that may very well be the reason why you are not crying. It is important to see yourself for who you really are as someone who is confused about what to do about their depression and needs to seek help.

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