This Recovery Checklist Can Help You Start the Journey Right

This Recovery Checklist Can Help You Start the Journey Right

Active addiction can be scary for anyone, including family, friends, and the person experiencing addiction. Checking into a treatment center to get sober does not save a person from themselves. There is a series of things that need to happen to ensure a person stays clean and sober so they do not relapse right away. It happens as part of recovery but it does not have to if a person is committed and able to follow some steps along the way. Even if it does happen, it is okay to get back up, dust off, and keep on trying. Try this checklist on for size this journey.

Review Recovery

If you are struggling with recovery, make a list of all the steps you are taking right now. Note any meetings you attend, therapists you see, life and recovery coaches you visit, spiritual processes, and other ways you are working towards addiction recovery each day. Relapse does not mean you are not getting the help you need, it is merely a red flag you are missing something in recovery.

Missing Piece

Once you have completed a thorough analysis of your personal recovery program, it is time to look for a missing link. Even if you are not sure what is missing, you can ask yourself some basic questions. If you are dealing with physical, emotional, or spiritual stress that can be challenging. Look at everything going on and see what you need to do. Maybe you are skipping meetings and need to recommit to attending more frequently. Perhaps you are not feeling part of the current recovery group and need to make a transition to another group. Talk to your advisors and people supporting your journey to see if they notice anything missing and how they can support your journey forward.

Be Holistic

Addiction is a holistic experience meaning it affects the body, mind, and spirit. Your recovery program should capture this by being holistic as well. Take steps to address the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual impact of the disease. Any part of your life that is unattended makes you more vulnerable to relapse.

Get Rooted

Addiction is a disease and is an acute symptom of a bigger issue. The root cause is either physical or psychological. It may be that someone is self-medicating, or maybe there is trauma, abuse, and abandonment issues. Whatever the scenario, it helps to revisit the trauma with the help of therapy and experience ways to patch your life back together. As you approach year end into the beginning of a journey, don’t hesitate to set yourself up for success. There will be people who will not want you to be successful because they themselves are not ready to move forward. Don’t be dragged down by them. Assess your recovery for yourself and determine (with help) what you need to do. Get back on track and know that you are going to be sober this year, just like you were last year, and the years to come if you put in the work to keep stepping out in faith that you can do it, one step at a time.

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