This Recovery App is Helping Over 42,776 People

woman on app

With the pervasiveness of technology, apps are transcending into our daily lives. As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million apps for Android users to choose from, and 2.2 million apps available for Apple users. Apps provide a multi-faceted, convenient way for users to play games, track their progress, and learn more about themselves. According to Healthcare IT News, approximately 165,000 health-related apps have been created – focusing on nutrition, fitness, chronic disease management, and more. A relatively new app developed by Sam Frons in 2013 provides several helpful tools to those in the recovery world – Addicaid is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy and suggests tailored coping mechanisms to help individuals avoid relapse.

Addicaid has shown to help people with addictions and process disorders such as food, gambling, internet, pornography, and sex addiction. Forbes Magazine claims that the app predicts when a person may be at risking for addiction and even attempts to intervene when a person is in a “triggering” location. CEO Frons developed the app due to her dislike of the “rigidity” of typical 12-step programs and “faith” in a higher power. Many individuals agree that the 12-step program is certainly not a “one-size-fits-all”. The app helps people find unconventional treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and other forms of therapy to help keep people accountable. Addicaid has grown to include chat rooms and daily self-check-ins, which may help people who want to connect with others and track their progress.

The hope is that the app will help people find support and begin working on their progress, even if they are apprehensive about seeking help due to stigma, financial trouble, uncertainty about where to begin, and more. Created by a team of individuals recovering from addiction, Addicaid was one of four finalists part of a healthcare technology competition held by Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. Based on a person’s information, the app generates a custom treatment plan with goals and refers the person to additional individuals and professionals for support. People who use this app have access to progress charts, journal prompts, and more.

With many apps to choose from, Addicaid may provide many benefits to users. Technology can provide many benefits when it comes to healthcare, but in-person treatment can provide you with the support you need to take back control over your life.

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