Themes You Can Meditate on in Recovery

lady smiling and meditating in sun

Themes You Can Meditate on in Recovery


The greatest thing about recovery is that you can do whatever works best to keep you clean and sober.  There are many different pathways to sobriety, and what works for one person may not work for another.  Some alcoholics may swear Alcoholics Anonymous is the only way, but a different person might need art therapy to overcome their alcoholism.  Meditation can be a wonderful option to those seeking an alternative to a twelve step program.  


Meditation is a state of deep relaxation where the mind, body, and soul reconnect.  When meditating, you are able concentrate deeply and regulate breathing, allowing for complete serenity.  Those who suffer from addiction can find meditation to be extremely useful in combating cravings and handling circumstances that life offers.  


Those who are new to meditating may wonder what they’re supposed to meditate about, and the answer is anything you’re having trouble with.  When times are hard, people often wonder what the purpose of their existence is.  Meditating about life will help you understand you were put on this earth for a reason.  Some newly clean and sober people can really struggle with sleep disturbance in the beginning of sobriety.  Meditating about sleep and visualizing it can help those struggles tremendously.  One of the great questions of life is death.  Some may meditate on mortality to help gain an understanding and acceptance of its unavoidability.  


Many fears may be developed in addiction.  When becoming clean and sober, those need to be addressed, and meditating is a great way of overcoming them.  Those in recovery may have a fear of relapse and trusting others.  Anger issues can also be commonplace to an addict or alcoholic, as well as lack of boundaries and self-esteem issues.  It is quite likely if you are in recovery you will struggle with cravings at some point or another.  The list of what you can meditate on is endless.  Whatever seems to be bothering you can be solved through the use of meditation, which provides clarification and tranquility.  The mind becomes completely silent and allows for the senses to work together to obtain a thoughtless awareness.  The ability to fulfill your true potential awaits.


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