The Top 5 Myths of Hypnotherapy and Their Truths

Hypnotherapy appointment

Hypnotherapy is a complementary and alternative therapy technique used to help individuals reach their subconscious to change specific thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. If you’ve been recommended hypnotherapy as an addition to your recovery regime, you may be feeling a bit skeptical. After all, popular movies and TV shows have depicted hypnotherapy as a tool to manipulate others. Below are some of the most common myths regarding therapy as well as their truths, to help ease your mind:

  1. Myth #1: A hypnotherapist will be able to control your mind.

Nobody can control your mind but you – and hypnotherapy can bring about a relaxed state of inner concentration that allows you to increase your focus of attention. Any suggestions made by your hypnotherapist that you don’t agree with or don’t understand will be automatically rejected by your subconscious.

  1. Myth #2: You will be unable to lie.

Since hypnotherapy doesn’t involve any control over your mind, lying is certainly something that you could do. However, honesty will likely give you more chances of success in treatment.

  1. Myth #3: You could be made to perform embarrassing acts.

Although people differ in varying degrees to their response to hypnosis, behaving in peculiar ways is not possible. With hypnotherapy, you are merely relaxed – there is no one taking control over your movements or thoughts.

  1. Myth #4: You will not be able to “snap out of it”.

Hypnotherapy brings about a state of hyper-awareness, and if you needed to, you could easily come out of hypnosis by speaking, opening your eyes, stretching, etc.

  1. Myth #5: You’ve never experienced hypnosis.

Most of us have experienced hypnosis even in mild forms, such as driving for long distances and feeling disassociated or getting deeply involved in a movie. While these examples have taken place as part of our daily lives, hypnotherapy for treatment should involve the use of a hypnotherapist.  

Since each person experiences hypnotherapy differently, it is not said to be a “cure-all”. Dr. Willmarth, founder of Michigan Behavioral Consultants, explained it this way: “You have to be a little bit willing to fail in order to do it often enough to succeed.”

With that being said, don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t “get anywhere” your first time around. Just as with psychotherapy, it may take several sessions for you to get to where you need to be.

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