The Symptoms of Nervous Energy

The Symptoms of Nervous Energy

If you were to see a bear and you feel like you are about to be chased through the forest because of this encounter, your body will go through a fight-or-flight response where you will be ready to defend yourself. The same is true for people who may simply be running late on their deadline. To avoid wasting away your energy on problems that are treatable, you should speak to a professional about your nervous energy before it continues to interfere with your life.

One symptom of nervous energy is when it is very difficult to just sit still. You find it hard to be calm for a long period of time. If you are sitting still, you feel alone in your thoughts which causes you to be up and moving. A second symptom is trying to take on too much work even if you do not have another minute to spare. Because you still have all of this energy to spare, you do not know what to do with yourself so you decide to find more to do. Taking on too much will just add onto more stress and more energy than you know what to do with.

A third symptom of nervous energy is having sweet cravings. Being stress leads to a high level of cortisol which makes us crave sugar. Sugar can also bring to us another hormone called serotonin which makes us feel relaxed. By eating something sweet like chocolate, we are taking on a chill pill of our own. Pacing back and forth is a fourth symptom that you may experience. It is the same as not being able to sit still. You could be on an important phone call not knowing how it is going to go which causes you to pace, better channeling your energy. On some level, it may help you relieve any tension that you are experiencing.

A fifth symptom can be having trouble sleeping. With all of this energy, you feel like it is too hard for you to shut your eyes. This can mean spending hours on your phone checking your social media feed. You may be feeling tired but all of that energy you have is keeping you awake. By talking to a professional about what to do about your nervous energy, you will learn to be calm and release a lot of tension from your body.

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