The Six Stages of Addiction Recovery

The Six Stages of Addiction Recovery

You may think that recovery is as simple as someone just stopping with their drug and alcohol abuse. The truth is that according to the Developmental Model of Recovery, there are six stages towards recovery. In order to truly realize how your loved one’s doing in their recovery, it is best to know about the six stages to recognize the progress they have made.

The first stage of recovery is transition where you are aware that substance abuse is a problem that needs to be acknowledged. This phase usually occurs within the first 90 days when your loved one realizes that previous coping mechanisms for stress no longer work. This is the part where you should be embracing your loved one in the fact that they are admitting to you that they have a problem and want to change. The second stage of recovery is stabilization where you loved one goes into detox and realizes that you need to get away from people, places, and events that can trigger a relapse. This shows that your loved one knows their addiction well enough to avoid what they need to avoid to get better.

The third stage of recovery is early recovery where your loved one makes lifestyle changes to promote sobriety such as new habits, practices, and other habits and settings. This stage occurs between 90 days and a year. This can mean attending self-help meetings, working with a counselor or therapist, participating in group therapy, connecting with new friends who are also in recovery, etc. The fourth stage of recovery is middle recovery after one to three years when your loved one has achieved a stable lifestyle and fixing what was done wrong while they were under the influence. At this point, your loved one should be involved in counselling with a qualified therapist to talk about past issues.

The fifth stage of recovery is late recovery where your loved one maintains the long-term recovery process. Three years into their recovery, their recovery habits become a way of life. They have made major accomplishments on their physical, mental, and spiritual health as well as better focusing on their goals. The sixth stage is maintenance where your loved one continues their personal development and can successfully manage their stress and life problems. You will have a better handle on where your loved one is in their recovery but knowing these stages.

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