The Primary Purpose of Staying Sober

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The Primary Purpose of Staying Sober

Some may think of being sober as monotonous, but to a person suffering from alcoholism, sobriety is a true gift.  When you’re in the depths of your disease, you may hope or pray that you can somehow gain the strength to get sober.  Once you do, whether it is through treatment or simply going to meetings, you will likely have someone helping you learn the basics of recovery.  The primary purpose of staying sober is so you can one day help others who are in your shoes.  
You don’t need to have years of sobriety to be able to help a newcomer or someone still suffering from alcoholism.  No matter how new you are, there is always someone out there with less sobriety than you.  If you have five days sober, you may be able to help the person who has two days sober.  Sobriety can be hard work and the purpose is not getting sober, but staying sober.  Staying sober can be very difficult if you’re still in a self-seeking frame of mind.  


Learning to help others with their problems and the struggles they face is what sobriety is all about.  The primary purpose is to help others achieve what you have accomplished.  You do this by sharing your story and providing hope.  Sobriety is a gift; a gift of freedom from being controlled by alcohol.  Alcohol is a chemical that attacks your brain and finds ways of making you perform as a marionette.  It controls every thought and dictates every move you make.  When you’re provided with this gift of freedom, you are able to recognize and experience true serenity.  The fact that your life is no longer unmanageable and chaotic, and you’re able to lay your head down at night knowing you are being the best person you can be feels amazing.  You receive all of this because someone shares their story of hope and provides support through your most vulnerable times.  In order to keep this gift, you must give it away.  The primary purpose is to help others get what you have and live a life free from alcoholism.  


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